Petentler Investigations was founded by Lisa Petentler to provide fast, efficient process service and investigations at reasonable prices in West Central Illinois.

Lisa was a police officer for fifteen years and is an experienced investigator.  Lisa has a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice from Western Illinois University. She is an experienced educator, teaching at college level for over twenty -four years.  She is a certified instructor with the Illinois Training and Standard Board. Prior to founding Petentler Investigations, Lisa worked for a Private Detective Agency for three years to meet the state requirement of working with another Licensed Private Detective before obtaining her license and founding Petentler investigations.  She is highly experienced in process service, investigations and management; having previously served as a regional manager for the other private detective agency.

Co-Founder, Bill Petentler, has twenty-seven years of police experience.  He also has a Master's Degree from Western Illinois University.  Bill teaches at the college level and is a certified instructor with the Illinois Training and Standards Board.  He is a certified Traffic Crash Reconstruction Specialist.  Bill is an experienced investigator in criminal, civil, traffic accidents, and issues related large commercial vehicles;       (Federal Motor Carrier Regulations).  Bill is experienced in scene photography, measurements, and diagramming.

Our Investigators are highly educated, well-trained, ethical professionals with extensive law enforcement and military backgrounds.  In addition our Primary Investigators have several years of Private Detective experience. 

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